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Custom anthems

Custom Songs for Corporate, Commercial, and Recording Use

Need a Jingle for a new radio ad?  Or a song for a television commercial?  Thinking about recording a demo to send to a record company?  Or do you want to sing a song about a certain topic, but you're stuck on how to write it?  Vandi Enzor has written songs for recording, film, and personal use (such as a gift to a loved one for an anniversary or wedding).  Click Find Out More now! 

In the Blood

Vandi comes from a songwriting family and grew up with music artists such as Brian McKnight hanging out at her family Thanksgivings.  She even sang on BJ's (Brian's oldest son's) first demo!  Vandi has been writing songs since she was 12 years old.  She enjoys writing music of all different styles and can't wait to help you create the perfect anthem for your project!