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Educational Background

Degrees & Certifications

Master of Music in Vocal Performance-The University of Akron

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater Performance with a Minor in Theater & Piano-Shorter University

Cosmetology Instructor Certification and Cosmetology Licensure-Gadsden State Community College

Destruction in Decatur (2018)  January 2018, Andrew Dylan Ray & Missy Styles  

(SAFD-Broadsword (Pass with Recommendation) and Rapier & Dagger, Motion Capture Training)

Meisner Training Class 2016-2018  September 2018, The Phoenix Theater, Indianapolis

Crittenden Opera Workshop 2017  August 2017, Washington DC

Central Illinois Stage Combat Workshop 2017  May 2017, Eureka College

(SAFD Certified in Theatrical Firearms Safety, Sword and Shield, and Small Sword, DAI Certified in Unarmed Combat and Single Sword)

Vianden Summer Program 2016  August 2016, Vianden Castle, Luxembourg

Central Illinois Stage Combat Workshop 2016  May 2016, Western Illinois University & Eureka College

(SAFD Recommended Pass-Quarterstaff, SAFD Pass-Knife, SAFD Theatrical Firearms Safety, DAI Single Rapier, DAI Rapier & Dagger)

SAFD and BASSC Certification (Rapier &Dagger, Unarmed Combat)  August 2011, Mark (Rat) Guinn (Certified 2011-2014)


Masterclasses & Workshops


Masterclasses & Workshops

Destruction in Decatur 2018—Andrew Dylan Ray & Missy Styles

Crittenden Workshop 2017—Richard Crittenden and Elizabeth Vrenios

CISCO 2017—DC Wright, Scott Russell, Kris Kuss, Christopher Elst

Meisner Class 2016-2018—Bill Simmons, The Phoenix Theater, Indianapolis

CISCO 2016—DC Wright, Amie Root, Zack Meyer, Dan Klarer, and Scott Russell

Orion Coulig—Bartitsu Masterclass-CISCO 2016

Amie Root—Small Sword Masterclass-CISCO 2016

Cleveland Clinic Vocal Symposium-Oberlin University-2014

Jeanette Lovetry and Matthew Edwards—NATS Summer Program & Cleveland Clinic Symposium for the Voice

Musical Theater Composers— John Buccino, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, Georgia Stitt

Alexis Cole—Jazz, University of Akron

Robert Marks—Belmont University, Audition Workshop

Sandra Ernst—Associate Artistic Director, Milwaukee Repertory Theatre

Film—Karl J. Niemiec, Robert Charlock, Donald Sage Mackay

Hennesy Whole Body Voice

Penelope Bitzas—Boston University

Teachers & Coaches


Dr. Meryl Mantione

Ball State University

Dr. Laurie Lashbrook

The University of Akron

Dr. Shellie Beeman

Ball State University

Dr. Linda Lister (Opera)

Shorter University

Tracy Tornquist

California & Atlanta

Film & Acting Coaches


Jim Dougherty

Film Workshops

Karl Niemic

Film Coach

Kent Kasper

Film Coach

Bill Simmons

Meisner Training

David Nisbet

Voice for the Actor, Voiceover Work, Commercial Acting, Film Acting

Ben Reigel

Stage Combat, Suzuki Movement, Shakespearean Acting, Audition Techniques


Lisa Bohn

Stage Movement-Laban, Four Rhythmns, Viewpoints

Kathy Newman

Stage Acting


Bobbi Bye